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Laramie Auditions

Directed by Lydia Crist

Synopsis of the Play:"Salt of the Earth" based on the the 1954 film is a groundbreaking drama that portrays the struggles of Mexican-American zinc miners in New Mexico who strike for better working conditions and equality. The film focuses on the personal and collective challenges faced by the miners and their families, emphasizing the pivotal role of women in the labor movement. Despite facing severe backlash, including blacklisting in Hollywood and limited release, "Salt of the Earth" stands out for its realistic depiction of social justice, labor rights, and gender equality, making it a significant piece in American cinema, labor history, and now contemporary theatre.

The production is funded by the California Arts Council, though the Upstate California Creative Corps, and is a partnership of Convergence Theatre Company (CTC), Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture, the Western Farm Workers Association, and the Yuba College Sociology Department. In line with the goals of the grant, the play addresses themes of social justice, public health, and civic engagement.

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Convergence Theatre Company seeks to inspire curiosity, awareness, and understanding by producing high quality performances that explore important social topics.

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We live in a time of increasing polarity, which we at CTC believe is stunting our potential as individuals, as a community, and as a nation. Particularly during uncertain times the tendency to circle the wagons and surround oneself with like-minded individuals is natural. But we truly believe that breaking out of the various self-constructed echo chambers within our local community can help us shift from the destructive “us v. them” mentality and learn to collaborate for the good of everyone. We commit to the process of “seeking first to understand, then to be understood,” so that we can participate in and facilitate healthy, balanced, respectful, and productive conversations about issues that tend to be divisive and polarizing.

We would love for you to join us on this journey as we seek to create a safe space for the convergence of divergent perspectives, beliefs, and life experiences with the purpose of fostering a Yuba-Sutter community where everyone can thrive.


CTC strives to be an active voice in the Yuba Sutter community, inclusive of people of all backgrounds and beliefs.


CTC selects productions that inspire conversation on important and sometimes difficult topics.


Our goal is to bring people together to learn from art and each other in a safe and supportive environment.


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Convergence Theater Company was formed in 2022 under the umbrella and support of Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture in Yuba City, California.

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CTC was formed in 2022 with the goal of producing high-quality plays, musicals, and performance events that bring members of the community together while addressing timely and relevant social issues.

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